2020 Priority Action Areas!

What kind of national actions should our network prioritize in 2020? NAC and the Network Team are working with Brigade members and leaders to identify priority action areas for 2020. This post will identify the purpose of selecting action areas, where we are in the process, what initial feedback we’re hearing from a Brigade survey, and how you can get involved.

  1. Why priority action areas? Priority action areas help us understand where our network has common interests and energy — and how we can support it. Identifying priority action areas will specifically help with:
  • Theme selection for our National Day on September 12;
  • Shared resources, toolkits, and projects;
  • National partnerships; and
  • Programming for Brigade Congress 2020.
  1. Where we are in the process: You might have participated in a one-question survey we emailed to you last month which asked Brigade members to identify their priority issues. From that survey, brigade members identified criminal justice, census work, social safety net, and elections as their top priority areas. This was a key part of our first stage of soliciting as many ideas as possible from the Brigade network, and we’d love to hear other ideas if you have them.
  • The next step in the selection process is to narrow our potential priority action areas in a workshop you are invited to attend on Jan. 21, followed by a NAC & Network Team decision at our February 6th meeting. At that meeting, we will make selections on the priority action areas based on: results from the one-question survey, the information areas Brigade Leaders highlighted in their end of year reports, and the feedback from the workshop.
  1. How you can get involved: Have thoughts about which priority actions we should pursue, and want to be part of this co-creation process? Join Veronica and NAC at a Brigade Workshop on January 21 to help us narrow our options for these priority action areas. Click here to sign up. You’re welcome to comment on this doc, or email nac@codeforamerica.org with your ideas as well.

  2. What we’re hearing. Many of you filled out that one-question Brigade survey last month and opted to share more thoughts with us about how we can better support Brigades. Thank you for participating! We heard many common themes from you, and are sharing those broad observations here. Have something to add? Make a comment to the doc.