October ReVisioning Updates

ReVisioning Updates

Need some background info? Check out Announcing the Network Revisioning Project for more context.

Here’s a recap of the Recommendation’s scope:

The Recommendation draft focuses on identifying the kind of support structures Brigades need from the organization to sustain community-based partnerships. It also tightens the lens on other volunteer experiences possible throughout the varied Network pathways connecting people to action for change.

And, more broadly, tries to capture all these multifaceted shifts in how we practice our principles through a vision of diversity, equity and inclusion that creates parity and partnership within our own Code for America community.

What’s Happening This Week

Various members of the Network Team and Spokescouncil are hard at work developing an interactive Gather.town space to explore ReVisioning and Recommendation-related topics throughout Brigade Congress. And, this virtual, actionable space for developing ideas and discussing change together will continue after the conference weekend.

You don’t have to know the Recommendation draft by heart to participate, either. The majority of these activities and workshops can be approached with an entry-level understanding of where we’re at in the current process. Spokesfolks and drafting team members will also be available for questions and answers throughout the weekend.

What’s Next?

Register for Brigade Congress and keep an eye on the conference website for updates to the schedule that show when and what kind of sessions we’ve planned around ReVisioning. Here are some highlights of what you can expect throughout the weekend:

  • National Action Teams. Nationwide projects play a key role in the Network’s future. You’ll get a look at National Day of Civic Hacking’s follow-up plans with Transform911 and the progress on GetYourCTC.org as examples of this concept.
  • Civic Tech 101. Developed in parallel with the ReVisioning effort, this initiative from Code for America’s staff and Network volunteers lays a foundation for newbs and veterans alike for understanding civic tech engagement through key insights and historical context.