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Network Sparks: July 14, 2020

Bi-weekly Inspiration and Important Info from the Code for America Brigade Network

Welcome to our first edition of Network Sparks. This is a space for you to get updates on Brigade Network events, volunteer opportunities, project spotlights, and important announcements. Have something you’d like added to the next edition? Head on over to the #network-sparks Slack channel to submit your idea, or email it to


This is our announcement area! Here are things you should know:

  • Planning for the 2020 National Day of Civic Hacking on September 12th is underway! Brigade members on the planning committee selected Rapid Response and Strengthening the Social Safety Net as the theme for this year’s event. Want more info on how you can start planning a successful event? See the toolkit here .
  • All Code for America events for the remainder of 2020 are virtual. This includes the 2020 National Day of Civic Hacking and 2020 Brigade Congress. For your local meetups, we strongly encourage you to, at a minimum, follow the guidance of your local health departments Read more on hosting virtual events .

Upcoming Events

July 14, 20, 22: Code for All Summit

The Code for All Summit is a place for people from all over the world to meet, share ideas, and discuss current and future issues civic technology is trying to tackle. This is a free event.

July 21, 4pm PT/ 7pm ET: National Day of Civic Hacking Office Hours

Join the National Day of Civic Hacking Committee to talk about this year’s National Day of Civic Hacking on September 12. Learn how your Brigade can be involved, what’s expected of your participation, and how to let your Brigade members know about this exciting event!

July 23, 5pm PT/ 8pm ET: Brigade Project Standup

This is a space to share a project or a lesson with the Network. You can also come to listen and learn from other Brigade members. Sign up for a presentation slot.

Project Spotlight

Twin-Cities Mutual Aid Map by Open Twin Cities

“The tech was the last piece of the puzzle.” - Jacob Dalton from Open Twin Cities helped create the Twin Cities Mutual Aid map. The effort started in a mutual aid Facebook group — now 20k people strong — that quickly needed a map for their food and assistance coordination. Open Twin Cities provided the technical expertise for the map and helped the existing volunteer coordinators, now 100+ people, coordinating large scale volunteer efforts.

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