Microsoft x Code for America Cities


So I recently became an inaugural Microsoft Civic Innovation Fellow for Miami’s Microsoft Cities team. There about 12 Microsoft Cities teams including Detroit, Miami, New York and more. Have you ever worked with a Microsoft Cities team?

If you have I want to learn some things or connect to discuss the following:

  • Who did you partner with them and for what projects?
  • If you had a fellow dedicated to helping your brigade what project would you want to work on?
  • Know anyone I should talk too related to this and their experience?

I am also collecting info via a 60-second form.

UPDATE as of May 10th, 2019

I have reached out to all the other Fellows across the Microsoft Cities network and aim to set up meetings with them to perhaps look into their work at a high-level while documenting those experiences.


I hope you’ll be able to share your compiled responses, in some form. I know some of your questions are in sensitive areas.

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Congratulations on your position!

We have 2 fellows in Cleveland, one of whom had been doing a lot of work in the civic tech and open data scene (they’re a member of our brigade but he represents himself on behalf of Microsoft which is transparent and understandable); right now they have been mostly doing communications and outreach , planning not for our brigade specifically, but for the open data/civic tech scene here in Cleveland - mainly as being the co-leader/planner for a large public event (the signature open data/civic tech event in Cleveland). they also have facilitated with a local co-working space so we can host our meetups/hack-nights in there.

If you’d like to talk more confidentially, you can also contact me on here.

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