November 18: Decision Making Processes for your Brigade

Join Bonnie Wolfe from Hack for LA next Monday, November 18 at 7pm ET/4pm PT as she leads an Ask Me Anything with Michelle Bernstein from Code for Boston. Michelle will be sharing insights about her work organizing her Brigade, particularly around using Consensus-Based Decision Making. Join us to discuss Consensus-Based Decision Making: offer your own experiences or ask questions!

Watch the recording:

View the Slide Deck:


Nice. Shared with some Canadian community Organizers in a few cities :wink:

Thanks so much for sharing this! Sorry I wasn’t able to make the webinar, but I just read through this material and found it very useful. I plan to start using it every meeting to get people used to it. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for this; I see this being immediately helpful for small but impactful decisions.

Has anyone used the Fist-To-Five for larger term, more core-based decisions where you want to obtain a larger scope of your brigade’s membership than just who happens to be a particular meeting/hack night or checks the slack within a specified period of time?

For example: Should we add our organization’s name to a particular petition? Taking X stance on X issue?