Network team staffing updates_April 2021

Hello Brigade community!

I’m writing with some important Network team staffing updates. This is both for visibility and also so you know who you can reach out to anytime to help support brigade work.

  1. The inimitable Em Burnett has joined the Network team in a permanent, full-time capacity as our Senior Community Manager. Em has held just about every role possible within the Network (brigade leader, NAC member, CfA contractor, civic technology guru) and we are so thrilled to have them in this position, serving as a connector, convener, and community builder across our Network.
  2. Our Senior Program Manager for the Eastern Region, Will Pfeffer, is taking a leave of absence for the month of April. Irit Seligman – brigade leader of Code for BTV – will be providing temporary support to the Network team and brigades in the Eastern Region in the meantime. Thank you Irit!
  3. Our Network Specialist, Ceci Fischer-Benitez will be transitioning out of full-time work with the Network on April 8th to take on her dream job with Latinas in Tech. While we will miss her deeply, we are so excited for her. Ceci will continue to provide support for the Brigade Network on a limited basis for the next few months, and will be continuing to be part of our Network as a member of Code for Chicago. Keep an eye out for an open position soon, both on here and #jobs-for-america.
  4. Not sure who to contact? You can contact anyone on the brigade team by tagging us in slack with @brigade_staff or via email at We’re a collaborative and communicative bunch, so we work closely together to provide support and address needs in the Network.

Questions!? Don’t hesitate to ask in thread or get in touch with me (

Thank you for all you do!
-Meredith (she/her), Senior Program Director for the Network

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