Leaving the Network Team at Code for America

See below for a Discourse version of a post I just made in Slack:

Hey #brigade, I have some sad news to report. I’ve decided to transfer teams within Code for America and will no longer be on the Network Team after this Friday, November 6.

I joined Code for America via the Brigade network almost 7 years ago, and it’s been amazing getting to know you all over that time. You all do incredible work and you’ve inspired me more than you could know. After three years in my current role providing engineering support to Network initiatives and to Brigade leaders, I’m making this transition to be able to focus more on building my engineering skills on a CfA product team (GetCalFresh).

With my departure, I’ve put together a page on the Brigade website that describes the Network Team roles now and going forward. In short, @cfischerbenitez will be responding to your in-kind requests and contact @willpfeffer or @veronicayoung with changes to your Brigade status or leadership. On a practical note, if you have been procrastinating asking me for something (G Suite, Meetup, Mapbox, etc.) please un-procrastinate and ask me this week so Ceci and I can get you connected with it.

I won’t be far – I still plan to be involved in OpenOakland and come to national events from time to time, so I will hope to still see you all around here!

Finally, I’d like to send some public appreciation to my amazing teammates that I’m sad to be leaving. Sappy post alert!

  • @veronicayoung - We started together on the newly-expanded Network Team three years ago, and it’s been a true joy working with you that whole time. You bring an incredible thoughtfulness and energy to this work that makes everyone around you better, and I’ve learned so much from you. Your hard work towards creating an inclusive CfA organization (including the Brigade Network) has shifted the culture of the movement and has set us up for a bright future.

  • @mhorowski - The Brigade network is so fortunate to have an incredible person like yourself leading the Network Team. What Brigade leaders may not see every day is just how much passion, energy, and love you give to the importance of PEOPLE POWER and organizing and making CfA do more of those things… every single day. Under your leadership, the Network Team is more capable than ever before, the Network is working together in ways that would have been a dream just a couple years ago, and we’ve laid a great foundation for everyone to do the work that we all want to do.

  • @willpfeffer - It’s been great getting to know you these last few months and working with you on Brigade Congress and so much more. Your deep experience with CfBoston and in organizing things (people + events) is a huge asset for the Brigade Network. I’m excited to see what you’ll do in the future. No pressure .

  • @cfischerbenitez - It’s hard to remember what the Network Team was like before you joined! You bring such a warm heart and cheerful spirit to the team. And beyond that you bring an incredible amount of deep experience in tech organizing and incredible potential to continue growing. So glad you’re on the team!

  • Filsan - Gonna miss working with you so much! You’ve been increasing the stylishness of our team constantly and also kicking butt on managing the fellowship program.

  • @Hashim - You have taught me so much as a leader by example. You bring such intention and thoughtfulness to every single thing you do. I’ll miss that so much, because it exemplifies a humble and effective leadership style that lets others shine. It’s been great working together on the Public Interest Tech Job Board and on everything we’ve done together for the fellowship and Brigade network.

  • @elb - You give so much to the Brigade Network, and that’s evident in all you do from getting the word out about amazing Brigade projects, to planning events, to helping CfA improve our online engagement. And, your chill, empathetic, yet confident demeanor helps us navigate so many situations. I’ll miss you!

  • @stephentsimpson - It’s been only a short time but I’m inspired by your work, your background, and all you bring to the team. You lead from a values-first perspective and inspire others around you to be better.

  • And finally, to this year’s NAC – We’ve got an amazing crew this year, folks. So many NAC members have been working behind the scenes putting a ton of time and effort into regional/national event planning, running research and tech projects, and working with CfA on important national initiatives. Y’all show up every day and it’s inspiring and drives everyone at CfA to be better. Thanks for all you do, and for being great leaders. (plug: NAC elections are coming up soon!)

With all that said, it’s time for me to sign off until Wednesday. Check out Will’s post above about the election and stay tuned for more from us on that. No matter what team I’m on, I’ll still be around and part of this community. Let’s take care of each other tomorrow, and always.

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congrats @tdooner!

is there anything you can share yet about what you’re hoping to get to hack on with the GetCalFresh team?