NAC role in $2 million grant to CFA for brigade network



NAC, CFA and $2 million grant money from Knight Foundation

I hope y’all have thought about addressing these kinds of questions, both at 2018 Brigade Congress and outreach to folks who cannot attend:

a) The purpose of the grant. Some is here but related questions include
i. Current brigades getting direct support in general or for particular projects
ii. What “expansion” means – is it simply numbers of brigades, or scope of current brigades’ work in their communities, or multi-brigade coordination on a common project [I.e. expand the network over the next 2 years]
iii. Does expansion mean focusing on particular geographic areas, or sizes of communities (i.e., to see how many lower population communities can support a brigade?)

b) Per the Knight Foundation – “This next phase is about establishing a stronger infrastructure for these efforts…” What is meant by infrastructure?

c) The role of the NAC in advising/directing resources affecting brigades

d) How to evaluate the impact of this new support

Thanks, John Stephens – Code for Durham NC


+1 curious to the answers to these questions as well


hey @NAC let’s review these great questions and consider a response