An update on the 2021 NAC elections

Over the past few weeks, NAC and the Network Team have been working together on some changes to the structure and function of the National Advisory Council. We are still gathering consensus on proposed changes to the NAC, both in its structure and responsibilities, and anticipate sharing a final NAC election framework on December 23. Today, I’d like to share some of our initial updates:

NAC as a fully regional body

Currently, NAC is structured as five at-large members, elected by the full network, and four regional members, elected only by Brigades in their respective regions (9 members total). In an effort to improve regional representation and to better balance and define roles and responsibilities among NAC members, starting in 2021, NAC will be a fully regional body.

We are finalizing our proposal for how to break NAC into regions that best represent a diversity of Brigades and will share this revision on December 23.

Updated NAC role and responsibility

The National Advisory Council is a group of regional leaders, acting as connectors between the Brigade Network and Code for America headquarters. We are actively discussing proposals to refine the roles and responsibilities of NAC members to better reflect our regional responsibilities and representation — and to better support the diversity of our Brigades.

Creating a Network Strategy & Vision Committee

Separate from NAC, this committee will focus on the future of the Brigade network and continue our Theory of Change work. It will also allow any Brigade member, whether or not a member of NAC, to participate in the Network Strategy & Vision Committee. NAC members can participate if they want to, depending on the amount of time they are able to commit.

This committee will accept applications from any experienced Brigade member. Applications will be reviewed and accepted by NAC and the Network Team, with the goal of building a committee that represents a diversity of voices and experiences, in line with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals.

What does this mean for the 2021 NAC election?

Earlier this fall, we announced that the period during which candidates could declare their candidacy was December 15 through January 15th. Because NAC and the Network team need some additional time to work together on finalizing the details of this new structure, we’ll operate on the following updated schedule:

December 23, 2020: Full description of NAC’s new structure is published, candidate declaration period opens

January 31, 2021: Candidate declaration period ends

February 1 - February 28, 2021: Voting is open

March 5, 2021: 2021 NAC-elect is announced

How can I learn more, or get involved?

Join the #nac_elections Slack channel, and/or reach out to Will Pfeffer (staff lead), Thad Kerosky (NAC lead), or any NAC member with questions!