Thanks and seeking info on 2021 NAC work - agendas, projects, etc

Continuing the discussion from Brigade Team Update: Meet The Team!:

Glad to meet the new folks, and see Em and Ben as the continuity for brigade/CFA work. For anyone on the team, just interested in the NAC work across 2021. Here was my request in August 2021 - April 6 NAC agenda - anything since then? Thanks, John S. - Code for Durham NC and Code for Chapel Hill NC

Aloha @JBStephens! There was, most recently a NAC meeting in early January. I’ll flag this post in the slack channel. In the meantime, I just posted some of what I shared in that meeting in a discourse post about January program priorities.

Thanks Ben - good to have the priorities. Kudos to you and leaders of the Brigade Network. John