Run for the National Advisory Council!

The National Advisory Council is an elected, volunteer body of Brigade Network members who help lead our Network and advise Code for America staff. Over the past few months, the National Advisory Council (NAC) and the Network Team have been working together to develop new, clearer roles and responsibilities for the National Advisory Council as well as a revised election process and change to regional representation.

If you are looking for an important leadership opportunity in 2021, consider running for a seat on the NAC!

Because of the move to an all-regional NAC, there are six seats open across the country! You can find a detailed list of which region and size category your brigade fits into here. These seats are open in 2021:

Northeast: small Brigades
Southeast: small Brigades
Central: large Brigades
Mountains-Plains: small Brigades
Mountains-Plains: large Brigades
Pacific: small Brigades

The deadline to declare your candidacy for NAC has been extended to Sunday, February 21, 2021. The candidate declaration form asks some basic questions about you, your involvement with your Brigade, and your vision for the future of the Code for America Network. You’ll also have a chance to campaign directly to Brigade members in your region between February 16 and March 15. Join the #nac_elections Slack channel for updates.

Any member of an active Brigade which falls into one of the open seat categories is eligible to run for NAC. All Brigade members who have filled out the Brigade Census since January 1st, 2021 (even if you have filled it out in prior years!) are eligible to vote for candidates in their region, regardless of what size Brigade they belong to.

More info + recording of the info session are at this post:

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So just to make sure I’m clear, I shouldn’t encourage folks to run from within OO, since we’re a large Pacific brigade, right?

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Tha’s correct @jess - though everyone in the region can vote for that rep (even if you’re in a large Brigade)

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Thank you! Looking forward to seeing who runs. :slight_smile: