Let's talk about money: a new model for the civic tech economy [Brigade Congress 2019]

This is a placeholder for notes and discussion about the Brigade Congress 2019 session:

Session: Let’s talk about money: a new model for the civic tech economy
Presented by: Dianna Faulk (Civic Software Foundation)

Notes Document:

Hey folks! It was great talking with you today and hearing your ideas. If you’re interested in working with us, fill out the “Build with us” form here. The form will ask you a bit about your vision, etc… which will help us better understand what you want to accomplish and how we could work with you. We will be formally launching the master builders program I mentioned sometime in ~2 months. As a reminder, master builders are selected from people who’ve made meaningful contributions to our platform and we are working on making this a peer selection process in the long run.


Reminder to the person from DataKind that she said she would share your “giving tier” donation solicitations as well as the method they use to gauge the value of the labor volunteers give. To see that breakdown would be very helpful. Thanks!

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Very curious to see these notes when they’re available :slight_smile:

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