June 2, 2020 NAC meeting

NAC Deliverable Updates (12:15):

  • Brigade Congress Programming [LEAD: Em]

    • Started retro doc collecting lessons/other docs here.
  • General infra / NAC+Network Calendar for 2021 - Mod[LEAD: Melanie]

  • Update of Brigade Handbook [LEAD: Bonnie]

  • Creating a lasting infrastructure to gather and elevate wins and concerns from Brigades to NAC to CfA [LEAD: Janet]

  • Exploring a NAC Charter that is developed and regularly updated through Network iteration and ratification process. [LEAD: Ben]

  • Create a mechanism to hold us accountable for changing what is not working and documenting what is [LEAD: Tyrek]

  • NAC [LEAD: Ben & Melanie] (12:35)

Staff Big Rocks (12:45)
Deep Dive (1:00): Response to the Network

  • Events not happening in person for the remainder of 2020. How do we absorb the blow, recover from it? What do we need to communicate? What else should we be doing?
  • Increased activity confronting systemic racism around the US
  • Priorities, values
  • What does this mean for the rest of our deliverables/other plans?
  • Specifics: brigade congress, national day
  • Given this context-- what are our next steps?