Indigenous Innovation + Civic Tech: Purple Prize (Unconference) [Brigade Congress 2020]

Session: Indigenous Innovation + Civic Tech: Purple Prize Lightning Talk Reborn (Unconference)
Presented by: Ben Trevino

Two years ago I wrote a blog post about titled what can “Aloha bring to Civic Tech?” as part of my NAC campaign. My hypothesis was that indigenous concepts of technology and innovation had a lot to offer our movement. If elected, I would work to make connections between brigade volunteers and indigenous innovation concepts.

This lightning talk is about 8 extraordinary companies that not only prove this, but make a much better case for it than I ever could.

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Invitation for continued engagement

One of the companies mentioned, Ka Mahina Project (see Purple Prize Video), sends out a daily Mahina Manaʻo video text . I just got my first one this morning for Mahina Hōkū and it was an amazing way to start the morning. If youʻre interested in receiving it, please send me your first, last name and phone number to receive the text and Iʻll add you to our civic tech group text. You can also receive it privately and not have to be on the group (I can send you instructions on how to contact Hiʻilani to add you)