Ka Maka ʻĪnana - Towards Placed-based, human centered and Indigenous design [Brigade Congress 2020]

This is a placeholder for notes and discussion about the session at Brigade Congress 2020:

Session: Ka Maka ʻĪnana - Towards Placed-based, human centered and Indigenous design
Presented by: Ben Trevino, Alec Wagner, Diane OʻNeal, Kamuela Enos

Ka Maka ʻĪnana was a reaction to a realization in innovation and tech education: that the frameworks of common design thinking and entrepreneurship resources, like design kits and canvasses, don’t fully align with our cultural practices or the contexts of what we call, “indigenous innovation.” Consequently, when we implement or teach design thinking, we are unintentionally designing-out centuries of ancestral knowledge, practice, and protocol. Ka Maka ʻĪnana solution was to bring our Kona Region community (on the island of Oʻahu) together to observe and research ancestral practices unique to the Hawaiian culture–not by reading about them, but rather through stories, oral knowledge transfer, and direct experience–and translate the emergent processes of these practices and characteristics of the practitioners into a design “field guide” that is truly both by and for this community. Code for Hawaii members and Fellows from the 2018 Code for America Community Fellowship Team in Honolulu saw connections to the Civic tech and human-centered design work of their fellowship project joined the participatory effort. This panel proposes to share what we learned.

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I grew up in San Juan, Texas on Carrizo/Comecrudo and Coahuiltecan land (native-land.ca)

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I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan of Bodewadmiakiwen (Potawatami) and Peoria land now of Kanaka 'Oiwi (of Moi’ili’ili, Kona region, island of O’ahu).

Mahalo to everyone for joining our Panel. Here are some of the resources shared: https://kumu.io/bentut/ka-maka-ʻinana-code-for-america-brigade-congress#prework Updated phone # 1-855-917-5263