[December Brigade Workshop] A Civic Technologist's Practice Guide (book talk with Cyd Harrell)

The December Brigade workshop was held on Monday, December 7, at 7 pm Eastern / 4 pm Pacific.

For our December workshop, hosted a conversation with Cyd Harrell about her new book, A Civic Technologist’s Practice Guide.

Missed the event? Check out the recording on YouTube!

Will Pfeffer - per your comment/promise on the webinar, you were going to provide resources referenced by Cyd. Here’s a start from my rough notes:
We need a shelf of books – here are some
o Beyond Transparency https://beyondtransparency.org/
o Civic Tech – Andrew Schrock https://www.civictechs.com/
o The Government Fix https://www.amazon.com/Government-Fix-How-innovate-government/dp/1795762950
o Kill It with Fire (forthcoming – USDS alum) – Marriane Belotti https://www.amazon.com/Government-Fix-How-innovate-government/dp/1795762950

Cyd raised the idea of ongoing acdemic partners for developing the civic tech field. For her, and for CFA, hope brigades can look to local colleges/universities and see if they have a fit with the Public Interest Technology University Network, supported by New America. https://www.newamerica.org/pit/university-network/

And here is the application form - although it looks like the next round will be Dec. 2021 https://d1y8sb8igg2f8e.cloudfront.net/documents/PITUN_New_Member_Application_9.17.2020.pdf