February 27, 2018 Meeting Agenda

Attendees: Chris Alfano, Laura Biediger, Jill Bjers, Emma Burnette, Jason Hibbets, Nina Kin, Dawn McDougall, Janet Michaelis, Neil Planchon, Tom Dooner, Erie Meyer, Hashim Mteuzi, Veronica Young

Welcome! (Erie)

Introductions (Group)

Meta meeting discussion (Group)

  • What does the NAC chair “owning” the agenda mean?

  • What should be on our standing items?

  • Add Dawn’s Wins and Props Ideas

  • Cadence

  • NAC meetings will be 1 per month, please be here

  • Reminder: If you miss 3+ meetings, then someone will replace your spot

Wins / Props

  • CLT- recognized by community group (You can watch the video or read the lyrics)

  • Open Raleigh Brigade got pinged by local reporter for updates on the Open Budget project

  • Open Oakland refreshing relationship with Oakland Public Library, homelessness work, work with UC Berkeley

Chair election (Erie)

  • Statements from people who are running: Jill Wins with no contention!

NAC Strategic Plan (Dawn & Laura)

  • Dawn: We should have a strategic planning meeting to set what our purpose is as a group. What’s our mission statement? Does it align with the expectations of the broader network? Have a consistent message and plan for working on the NAC that we can communicate to network. Strategic planning will help us prioritize for a very short 1-2 years

  • Laura: The brigade network needs a strategic plan. CfA has a vision, mission, and values- but what are the things we want to accomplish to get to where we want to be. Get input from brigades. Get input from external stakeholders (governments, etc.)

  • NAC Strategic Plan vs/and Network Strategic Plan

  • Concerns: survey fatigue, having concise questions to want to answer w/ surveys

  • Janet: I think that any plan has to have the range to accommodate a wide variety of kinds of Brigades. I would like to see an org chart with the plan if possible. Still trying to get a grip on the relationships…

  • Emma: My thoughts: I think it’s important to keep the focus as broad as possible, as Laura has talked about, even while keeping deliverables in a smaller amount. Getting feedback would be a good exercise for NAC members. It’s one thing to have a general survey sent around, another to get an individual message.

Onboarding / Offboarding (Veronica)

  • Onboarding: Code for Muskogee, Open Uptown (Chicago)

  • Offboarding: Open Wichita, Open Indy, Open Denton, Open Seattle, Code for Birmingham, Chi Hack Night, Code for Boulder, Code for Gainesville, Code for Princeton, Code for OKC, Code for Fort Collins, Code for RGV (Rio Grande Valley)


  • CFA Content committee: Luigi and Dawn are Committee Members. Finding a balance, great chance to highlight Brigades

  • Pre-summit session (Jill): Jill’s Notes and thoughts on Summit

  • Candidate engagement (Erie): Folks who have volunteered. Meet the Network. Volunteers to help coordinate engagement.

  • Regional Updates (Erie): Discuss format