Index of Safety & Justice projects in the network (Help us keep this up to date!)


Let’s get a thread together of Safety & Justice projects in the network.

Here’s a starter list, please edit this post or reply with anything else you know of:

We’re looking to refresh the Project Showcase page, and also we’ve heard a lot of interest from Brigade leaders about redeploying Safety & Justice apps, so hopefully this thread can become a good resource as well.


@mabrajeux - do you think Heart would fit here?!


I was actually thinking about that, I guess it depends on what we mean by Safety / Justice. It would be more in Justice, but if clear my record fits then I don’t see why not!

Here’s the repo if anyone wants to take a look and confirm!


Yeah this definitely fits! I added it under “Expungement”, which is getting a bit crowded above. (I may split it out into categories soon.)

We’re looking for any projects related to the criminal justice system, record expungement, safety, and more. The more projects, the merrier.


Here are some proto-projects from Philly: