Meet & Greet: Share Your Thoughts

Hi everyone. It has been a busy few months since I started working as Code for America’s new CEO, and now that I’m a little more settled, I would love to spend some more time learning more about you and the Brigade program.

We recently held a Meet and Greet session. You can watch that here, if you missed it.

I have some questions for each of you. You’re encouraged to leave comments on this post!

  • What motivated you to get involved in the Brigades?
  • What’s one hope you have for the future of our network?
  • What one thing that would make your projects more successful?
  • What kind of things are you hearing and seeing in your community right now? You are our eyes and ears on the ground: what’s changed about your Brigade work?

Sending you all so much gratitude for the work you do.



Hi Amanda, thanks for hosting this session.
I’m fairly new to CfA, very excited, it is a great concept!
I’m still learning about the brigades and looking for projects to contribute.
I live in NJ and I’m interested to find people to work with and projects related to NJ.
I have had some difficulty locating people as the 3 or 4 NJ brigades I found don’t seem active anymore.
I spoke about this with Ceci and she told me she spoke with Will.
I’m considering starting a NJ statewide brigade but I don’t like to replicate efforts or to not been able to find anyone that would join.
I’m mostly interested to propose solutions and support to state agencies, offices, legislature as well as to federal Representatives.

I’m currently in Italy so not sure if I’ll be able to connect realtime.


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