Brigade Workshop Programming Ideas

Do folks have any ideas, suggestions, and/or links for Workshop content? We used to do monthly workshops on various topics at Code for Boston and I’m hoping to resurrect this for 2022!

Some examples:

Product and project management - always valuable information in a sea of coders.

Hi! Last year, Code for Hawaii started developing a workshop series to provide learning opportunities for our members. I thought it might be helpful to share how we approached it: We first identified 3 key pillars of learning, which are essentially 3 categories or areas that the Brigade would like to improve in or prioritize for the upcoming year (e.g., skill development, brigade management, and partnership building). Then we brainstormed workshop topics around those 3 pillars.

Here are the docs we hashed out in case this helps :slight_smile:

Code for Hawaii - Workshop Series

Code for Hawaii - Workshop Schedule/Ideas