Evolving from the Brigade Model as Growing Non-Profits

Code for Miami evolved last year to Code for South which focuses on 3 counties and soon to be a regional focus on collaboration among the “brigade” chapter. As we transform how we operate, with paid staff and people managers I think about the idea of evolving the brigade model. What does that look like and who is exploring this today outside of us?

QUESTION How can brigades exist and run without support from Code for America on core activities? With a handful of brigades formalized as 501©(3), the question came to mind of brigades that form and actively run independently in partnership with Code for America.


  1. Brigade Collaboration (MAR 2020) | We set up a Brigade 2.0 conference in March since then we have phone calls with independent brigades to discuss collaboration efforts. Cities involved include NYC, LA, Kansas City
  2. Knight Foundation Cities (JUN 2020) | We set up a conversation with a national funder, Knight Foundation who has several programs in Brigade cities (e.g Philly, San Jose, St. Paul, Miami, Palm Beach

Business Models
*Code for America acts as somewhat of a consultant and vendor to government partners
*BetaNYC acts as a consultant that supports New York City Gov
*Open Austin is a non-profit
*Hack for LA is a fiscal sponsored by CFA

UPDATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2S1D0DF2Uc

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