Dates for Brigade Congress 2018


Open Data, Civic Tech, etc. related conferences

@civicwhitaker followed up in Slack that October 20-21st is the current but unconfirmed target, and the following weekend of October 27-28th is the fallback


The “All Things Open” event in Raleigh is October 21-23 and will provide a conflict with several of us here in NC. (> 3,200 attendees)


The “All Things Open” event in Raleigh is October 21-23

@ihenshaw Good callout, thanks, I’ll raise this internally… but that time of year is pretty constrained on our end and we might have to go with it anyway. Stay tuned. The brigade website’s events page will be updated when we finalize the date.


At summit we heard that Charlotte, NC is the likely (but unconfirmed) location


Just a reminder that @chris is giving everyone a sneak peek at dates/location, but it is still unconfirmed by CfA.

We are still working to confirm the venue and agenda, so please don’t be alarmed if the dates change from what has been reported in this thread.


Everything has been confirmed:

Brigade Congress 2018 will be October 19-21 in Charlotte, NC.


Boom! The weekend after our ‘not actually on the date of NDoCH but NDoCH event.’ Perfect. :slight_smile: