Brigade Day (Notes)

Just thought of this question after the Town Hall was over: Is there a central “notes” section/page/whatever for Brigade Day? related: What will happen to all the wall post its? Will they be documented somehow? Thanks!

How about we create topics right here in Discourse that are organized under the appropriate category for what they’re about and structured as the start of a conversation that transcends Brigade Day / Summit 2018?

There’s a summit-2018 tag you can tag your topic with right next to where you select the category when writing it. We can use that for looking back at what conversations started at this summit, but in the grand scheme of things that should end up being more of a curious fact about a topic than a foundational unit of organization.

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Hey @melynnduh, I noticed as I was leaving that @jillzey took pictures of all the notes on the wall. While those are certainly not comprehensive notes from the day (and ideally we’d have people type up their notes into an organized, searchable format).

The #summit-2018 tag can also be used to tie all this content together.

Did anyone reading this post take notes they’d be willing and able to share?


I took notes here - some of it is specific to our Denver brigade, but pretty thorough overall


@eemshi Wow! :open_mouth: Great notes! Thanks for sharing!