Brigade Congress programming schedule

This is for a discussion item on how to format our content. Do we want to have overlapping sessions? At the in-person Brigade Congress event, we’d have as many as four overlapping sessions. Virtually, four sessions at once does not seem to make sense. Do we want any overlapping sessions?

This decision will determine how much content and the number of sessions we will have for Brigade congress.

  • Overlapping sessions (maximum of 2 at the same time)
  • No overlapping sessions or minimal overlap

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In my mind, the value of overlapping sessions is that if something isnʻt working for you, you can go to something else.

the challenge (and I feel this deeply and personally) is always FOMO.

from the aggregate perspective, though – if there are lots of conversations to have, overlapping sessions are still time efficient. itʻs traumatizing not to be in something that Iʻm interested in, but at least the work can proceed.