2019 Brigade Congress Content Committee

Hi Everyone!

I’m Nina Kin, co-captain of Hack for LA and one of the at-large representatives from the National Adivsory Council (NAC). As we start getting ready for Brigade Congress, I wanted to introduce myself and the rest of the Brigade Congress Content Committee! We’ll be working to ensure that the event is informative, useful, and fun for everyone who attends. We want to make sure you know who we are and what we’ll be doing over the next couple of months.

I’m the NAC lead for Brigade Congress Content, along with my fellow NAC members: Janet Michaelis, Ramy Kim, and Melanie Mazenec. We led a process to recruit a representative group of folks to make decisions on content for the event. Through that process we selected seven Brigade members from across the country: Tim Eccleston (Code for Nashville), Isaiah Little (Code for Newark), Nick Floersch (Code for BTV), Nick Sahler (Code for Jersey City), Tyrek Shepard (Code for Atlanta), Lauren Rennée (BetaNYC), and Will Skora (Open Cleveland).

We’ll be making decisions about what the structure of Brigade Congress looks like (how much time should we spend on mainstage, breakout sessions, unconference, etc), and what specific content will be included. We’re reviewing your feedback from last year’s Brigade Congress, as well as the Brigade Congress Ideas form and workshop from July. Keep an eye out for the call for session proposals in the next couple weeks!

There’s lots of work going on to ensure great content, logistical planning, and engaging events so stay tuned and please reach out with any questions you have. Don’t forget to register for the event, and apply for a complimentary ticket/ travel support by August 30th if you need it. We look forward to seeing you in October! :tada::tada::tada:


Aloha Nina! Congratulations and Mahalo to Janet, Ramy, Melanie, Tim, Isaiah, Nick, Nick, Tyrek, Lauren and Will for being selected and for stepping up to do this work on behalf of the brigade network!

One content interest I have as part of my NAC responsibilities is how we can support leadership development across the network. If that is not already on deck for a content area, how can I support getting it into the Congress lineup?

Joining Ben with offering a general request on content:
a) The various kinds of support (and barriers) from local government partners
b) Impact of brigade work - thinking and measuring it (continuing work started at May 29 Brigade Day and I know there are pilots underway)
Thanks, John Stephens, Code for Durham

Hi, @bentrevino, I think we may have already included this in our brainstorm this evening, but would love your feedback: Brigade Congress Content Committee (google doc).

Great ideas, John. I tried to add them to our Brigade Congress Content Committee (google doc) and I welcome your feedback!

Thanks, Tim - I see them there.

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