Voter Information Research Team Call for Volutneers provides voters across the country with accurate and up to date information on how to exercise their right to vote. They use technology to simplify political engagement, increase voter turnout, and strengthen American democracy. builds and maintains the website and the toolset, which provides people with a voter registration tool, an absentee ballot tool, and tool that helps you verify your voter registration status for free.They also reach out to low-propensity voters and encourage them to vote through peer-to-peer SMS outreach, online advertising, and other tactics.

Code for America and are teaming up to give Brigade members an opportunity to help voters find accurate voting information. Particularly in the times of COVID-19, voting information is constantly changing, which can lead to ambiguity and missed opportunities for people to make their vote count. We see a role that we can play to ensure that information gets to voters, and that we can increase the amount of people that are able to participate in the democratic process. This information, compiled from all 50 Secretary of State’s office, reaches millions of voters every election cycle, and it’s imperative that it’s updated and accurate.

We are looking for eight volunteers from the Brigade Network across the country who will each be assigned a region to track changes in state voting information over the next three months. This information will be used by the team to update their website with information that is disseminated to voters. Team members will research info from various sources including state Secretary of State’s websites, social media, news sources, etc. Research will be collected via a spreadsheet, and weekly calls will be held for check-ins and to communicate cascading information.

The Research Team members will need to commit to:

  • 2-4 hours of work per week doing research on election updates in their region
  • Weekly check ins with your fellow team members and folks from the team
  • Ability to communicate via Slack and email on updates in regard to the team

[Applications are now closed]

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