Improving the Voter Experience Locally & Nationally

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging in the United States and the November 3rd presidential election less than a month away, many people are seeking information on how to safely cast their ballots this year. There is an increasing sense of division and confusion in the U.S. concerning voting by mail, and it is clear that Americans need credible and reliable information.

In the fight against voter suppression, voters are turning to various resources to find information about their state and local election, information such as ballot drop-off locations, absentee ballots, same-day registration and much more. At Code for America, we have given staff the day off to allow employees to contribute to our democratic process, and vote. The Brigade Network has created guides to projects in the Network that have served as tools for transparency, accessible and reliable voter information that people can use.

With the help of Hack for LA, Code for Greensboro and Code for Puerto Rico we created project canvases for projects that promote accessibility to credible resources in our voting system. From absentee ballots, ballot drop off locations and mock practice ballots, these projects help empower voters and communities all over the country with reliable voting information and resources.

Hack for LA’s BallotNav provides nonpartisan, accurate, and accessible information about places to drop off mail-in or absentee ballots in person during the 2020 General Election. Code for Greensboro GoVoteGSO’s aims to improve the accessibility of the electoral process in Greensboro and the Triad area, the website includes a map of early voting locations in North Carolina. Code for Puerto Rico’s ParaVotar offers information on the registration process, voter registration, and a Puerto Rican ballot template for folks to practice how to use the ballot as it is different from the traditional ballots in the U.S.

Brigade Project Canvas: BallotNav

Hack For LA

BallotNav helps those who are concerned about using USPS for their mail-in ballots find their local drop-off points and their available days/times. The app’s main features include locating the drop-off points closest to the user, and displaying what dates and times they are available; pulling in this information as it becomes available from county election supervisors; and connecting with users’ social accounts to encourage dissemination of the tool and information.

  • BallotNav is not yet live but will be in the coming weeks, you can sign up to get notified once its completed.

Brigade Project Canvas: GoVoteGSO

Code for Greensboro

GoVoteGSO is a project to answer common questions about the voting questions in Greensboro and the Triad area like: Can I Vote? When and Where do I Vote? How Do I Vote Early? Whether you’ve never voted before or vote in every primary and general election, this is a resource for you!

Brigade Project Canvas: ParaVotar

Code for Puerto Rico

ParaVotar is a resource to learn about voting guidance and requirements in Puerto Rico. It provides information and deadlines about voting registration, absentee ballots, early voting, etc. In addition, they provide a Puerto Rican ballot template, so that folks can practice how to use the ballot as it is different from the traditional ballots in the U.S

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Ex felons is a population area most unsure on whether they can vote or not. I think they all need to re-register but the registration requirements are very different across the states and that makes it difficult for them to successfully register to vote without legal help.
Not sure if there is any technical help we could provide (with a person we looked at NJ but git stuck on trying to reach out to the specific people).

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