Using Discourse for Documentation and Wikis

We now have the ability to use Discourse as an effective space to store Network documentation. This guide serves as a reference to distinguish between documentation and wikis.

3- Minute Video Guide: Documenting in Discourse

:film_projector: Watch here.

Documentation posts

If you click on the “docs” area of our Discourse instance, you’ll see that we now have an effective documentation space for the Network.

When it’s a documentation post

Your post would fall in this category if it meets these criteria:

  • It is primarily informative in nature - and not discussion based
  • It provides a useful resource or “how to” for a project or process
  • Add yours here by commenting on this post

How to create a documentation post

When you create a new topic, use the tag “documentation” and it’ll automatically show up on the docs page.

Wiki posts

A wiki is primarily a post that is open and able to be edited by any other user on Discourse.

When to create a wiki:

  • Want to create a crowdsourced list of projects, resources, or other materials.
  • Are sharing a resource or guide, and not a comment.
  • Add yours here by commenting on this post

How to create a wiki

  1. Make the topic & post it.
  2. Once it’s posted, look for the wrench icon on the bottom of the post and click “make wiki”

This guide from Discourse also gives instructions.

When it might be both!

If your topic meets all of the criteria listed above, it could be both!


  • Someone working on a Clean Slate project create a guide for clean slate legislation, but wants to ensure that others can add to it.
  • Someone creates a volunteer onboarding guide and wants to open it up for improvements from the whole network.
  • Someone is creating an informative guide on foundational knowledge of 911 systems, and wants multiple people to contribute to it.

How to create a post that’s both a wiki and a documentation post:

  1. Give your topic the “documentation” tag
  2. Once it’s posted, hit the wrench icon and click “make wiki”
  3. You’re done!

When you’re unsure/ need help

Create your post, and then send a message or tag @admins. You’re also welcome to apply the tag of “needs-categorization” and we’ll help out!

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I did not know Discourse had the wiki option. That is pretty neat!