Stae - the world’s open data in real-time


Hi folks,

I just wanted to say hello and share a tool made specifically for developers called Stae. We make available the world’s real-time data through an API. One distinguishing factor from other data warehouses is that you can query data on any scale (global, country, state, city) or select from data by type (311 requests, traffic data, 911 calls, etc). CFA is well represented here and we have every city with a brigade in Stae.

Check us out at and create an account to start using the API. I am also in the process of organizing webinars to onboard captains so let me know if you’re interested and I can add you to the list.

Finally, here’s a quick video on what Stae is and key features for developers:

Happy building! Get in touch with us with questions or feedback!

I also wanted to add that Stae was built by Eric Schoffstall, a former volunteer of Code for Phoenix! He wrote about his experiences and inspiration here:


Intriguing… what’s the business model for Stae’s Municipal data system and how does the work of local CfA brigade volunteers get monetized out of curiosity? Thanks much!


Hi there!
We’re an early stage company so we’re really just looking for people to build apps using the Stae API. We don’t monetize from the work that brigade volunteers do. All developer accounts are free and have access to the API. If you have an enterprise use case, definitely get in touch so we can learn more. Earlier this year, a developer in Jersey City used Stae to build out a chatbot called Hey Mayor. The city picked it up and used it to prototype a chatbot service on social media.
In general, our work with cities helps connect disparate, silo’d datasets all under one place. We also do a lot of custom integrations for cities. We want to empower the work of brigades to prototype new ideas by connecting them to those data streams from both public and private sources.


Oh interesting! Yeah I’d definitely be curious to see a demo.