Esri (ArcGIS) -- Does anyone use it?


Hey brigadeers,

Esri has been a good supporter of CfA events in the past, and I’d love to help them support your work as effectively as possible.

In case you are not familiar, Esri makes a powerful tool called ArcGIS which is a cloud-based geospatial data analysis product that is considered best-in-class.


Governments use it to make GIS applications like City Council District finders. Using it could get your data analysis project off the ground in no time.

If you are interested in using ArcGIS (or another Esri product), please reach out to the team and me at Esri has previously offered their product for free for development use, so it’s likely that it would be free for your project too.


Thanks, Tom — it’s beyond my skill set at this stage but I may hit you up about this later.


@jess we have tools for developers, geographers and those that aspire. hit us up at or here if you ever have a question.