So Long 2021: End of Year Updates

Big news, everyone: the ReVisioning Recommendation is now officially adopted by Code for America! This brings the organization’s Board, CxO, and staff into greater alignment with the Network’s volunteer community. We did this together – with over 41 1:1 interviews, hundreds of survey responses, 6 community forums, several workshops, and over 45 Brigades engaged in co-creating our strategy for the future. Adopting this strategy represents a significant moment for our organization; it’s the first major change to our Network’s operating vision and structures in nearly a decade.

Here’s some of what you can expect to see in the coming year:

  • New resources for projects, partnerships and member support
  • New participation opportunities and points-of-entry for volunteers
  • New tools for direct engagement with decision-making processes
  • New communities of practice to hone and practice our skills, with tools for success

Here are a few things the Network Team is working on as we close out the year:

  • Hiring: We’re welcoming two new team members to the Network Team. Welcome to Marianne Anthonette Miranda (Mari) and Jess Manapul in support roles for the Brigade team. Both have served as volunteers in the Network. You can expect to learn more about Jess and Mari in the new year!
  • National Action Teams: We’re standing up our first National Action Team pilot as a continuation of our work with Transform911 from National Day of Civic Hacking (NDoCH). You can expect to hear more about our first volunteer opportunities, days of action, and more, in January.
  • Communities of Practice: We’ve held several workshops to gather input on developing the strategy for Communities of Practice and are next looking to hire support for this program.
  • Timeline and Key Dates: In early 2022, we’ll be sharing a timeline of key dates for the year, including conferences and events, opportunities for input on ReVisioning implementation, and key ReVisioning milestones for the year. You can always view existing events on the Brigade Network Calendar, too.
  • Community Fellowship: We’re finalizing our 2022 strategy and then looking to begin the planning for the next Community Fellowship cohort.

Here are some planning, implementing, and decision-making activities that Brigades, your members, and members of our Network can expect to share with the Network Team in the next 6 months:

  • New MOUs and Volunteer Agreements: In spring of 2022, you can help shape our new MOU and volunteer agreements. This is a significant opportunity to make recommendations on a draft MOU, including volunteer definitions, commitments to supporting Brigade leadership, code of conduct resolution, and more.
  • Brigade-level Strategy: Starting in early 2022, the Network Team will offer strategic facilitation and planning resources to each Brigade, continuing our practice of directly meeting with leaders to offer peer support as we navigate through change.
  • Brigade Basecamps: Using input gathered from the new MOU process, we’ll be creating Brigade Basecamps to lift up best practices for inclusion, mentorship, volunteer-support, and volunteer-enablement.
  • Partnership development and formation: A key part of the ReVisioning Recommendation is transitioning to a partnership-first model. We’ll seek to deepen our Network’s understanding of partner impact in local communities and how brigades can support local partners by strengthening relationships, setting goals for supporting partners, and reaching impacted populations in communities.

Dollars & Cents: Budgets

A key part of approving the Network Revisioning Recommendation was funding each of the proposals represented. The Network’s budget is and has historically been funded primarily from Code for America’s general operating support. In 2022, the organization will be prioritizing fundraising opportunities outside of relying on Code for America’s general operating support.

Here’s a topline view of the budget:


MOUs are out!

If your email is listed as your Brigade’s primary contact for 2021, you’ve received the 2022 Transition Period MOU and End of year (EOY) Reporting survey. These should be completed by December 17th so your Brigade’s fiscal status doesn’t lapse when the new year turns over.

The Transition Period MOU is our bridge to the next participatory process for your Brigade and its members in 2022 – look for more about that in the new year welcome kit in January. Not sure if you’re the primary contact, or do you know someone else who should be contacted instead? Let the Network Team know!

Party Time! Excellent!

Enjoy a holiday-themed party at Code for Pawnee’s favorite meetup spot, the Pawnee Pub 2021-12-17T01:30:00Z. Which holiday, you say? All of them! It’s an All-O-Day Party to celebrate 2021’s end and herald 2022’s beginning by recognizing all the ways in which a community comes together to show and share appreciation.

Until 2022,

The Network Team

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