Project guidelines and resources

From Code for BTV:

Here’s our so-called “Partner Packet”: 4 documents (and an overview) that can be used when setting expectations and roadmaps for selecting, initiating, developing and closing projects. This information is destined to always be a work in progress (even on a quick skim now I see things I want to change ), but it is a helpful starting point. There are a few things this info attempts to do:Project Selection Guidelines

  • helps people quickly understand which types of projects are best suited for work in our brigade
  • good talking-piece to help orgs & members consider project scope before committing to the work

Operating Principles

  • Important for helping partners see the project as a whole, including their role & the responsibility of ultimately owning the project
  • Great checklist for brigade/proj leaders to make sure we cover the things that are easy to forget

Project Proposal

  • Intended as a discussion piece to focus attention on proj aspects that are often skipped or punted
  • Not at all helpful if used as a substitute for a thoughtful conversation
  • Likely needs a lot of modification & updating - haven’t reviewed this in a while…

Post-Project Follow-Up

  • Checklist for crossing T’s and dotting I’s when wrapping up a project
  • Important expectation setting for project leads to clarify that “deploy to prod” “done”, but also that projects should (ideally) be finite.
  • Also good expectation setting for partners.
  • Honestly, this is an aspirational checklist - not sure we’ve actually ever done all these things on a single project

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