Poetry Jam with Creative Commons, Open Licenses and Civic Tech [Brigade Congress 2022]

This is the place to find notes, slides, and discussions about this session at Brigade Congress 2022.

Poetry Jam with Creative Commons, Open Licenses and Civic Tech

Presented by: Jennifer Miller, Timid Robot Zehta, Rene Joy, Matt Zagaja
Date/Time: Sunday, October 16, 2022 at 10:00am-11:15am

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  • This is virtual only session held at Gather Spot #1 in the center park in Gather.town

Breakout Session Resources:

:notebook: Shared Notes on Google Docs
:high_brightness: Slide Deck
:movie_camera: Recording (after event)


Tap into your inner poet and learn how Creative Commons Licenses can help you live out the Network’s commitment to Strive to build tools that are open and free technology for public use and prioritize activities that aim to foster public use, not private gain. Learn how to use the Creative Commons License Chooser to be more generous than copyright in sharing your work and that of your Brigade.

Thanks to the panel who led the session (our own @renejoywrites and @mzagaja and special guest Timid Robot Zehta from Creative Commons)! Thanks also to all who attended and especially to those who contributed a poem–or two!

Looking to learn more about Creative Commons? They have a wealth of resources here.

I’ll share my openly licensed haiku, and maybe some of the other poets will also share in the replies :open_book:

Civic Tech

Civic tech is not
what you think it is, coders;
stop, look, and listen.

Civic Tech © 2022 by Jennifer Miller is licensed under Attribution 4.0 International.