Organizing Communities with ArcGIS Hub [Brigade Congress 2019]

This is a placeholder for notes and discussion about the Brigade Congress 2019 session:

Session: Organizing Communities with ArcGIS Hub
Presented by: Patrick Hammons (ESRI) @hamhandedly


Notes Document:

I’ve been a strong Hub supporter for a few years (since its first beta demos at the ESRI DevSummit 2017). I love Hub for a number of reasons but the biggest is that I know the developers and I know that they want to build a product that, in effect, is exactly what so many brigades need. I know CfA work and CfA failures has inspired some of the Hub product features. I know that they release new updates weekly and that the dev team is a bunch of rockstars. For those that were not there, the Hub presentation this past weekend at Congress was given by a former CfA fellow who now works for ESRI. With the license that ESRI has granted us, we have access to do a whole lot of things other than just what Hub does. We’ve just had GIS-power injected into our veins…