Need a virtual space for good vibes? Try the Pawnee Pub!

Code for Pawnee’s favorite virtual watering hole, the Pawnee Pub in, is open to all members of the Network community for use as a casual hangout and social meeting space. The free tier does cap attendance at 25, so it’s best for small-to-medium groups – but there’s no time limit to using the space, and it’s accessible 24/7/365.

Calendaring tools with are a little fussy as yet, so for now just drop a note in #code-for-pawnee about when you’re planning to use the space for more organized group meetings. If you need to make any tweaks (like putting a whiteboard near your favorite corner), we can work that out. Games are available on several tables already, and more interactive elements are underway.

If you’re interested in build access, let me or Janet Michaelis know! Any help making the Pawnee Pub more fun and easier to use is greatly appreciated. And, if you’ve never used a space before, check out the basics – you can always ask for help on #code-for-pawnee, too!

The Pawnee Pub space is volunteer-made and operated; the Network team doesn’t own, manage or operate the space. The Code for America Code of Conduct does still apply and you can message if you have concerns or experience harassment.