May 5, 2020 NAC Meeting



NAC & Network team convene to make decisions, discuss strategic questions, and show up for and with each other as leaders of our Network.



Attendees: Melanie, Ben, Bonnie, Filsan, Veronica, Tyrek, Janet, Thad, Hashim, Em, Tom, Meredith, Amanda

Meeting Roles

  • Timekeeper: Melanie
  • Notetaker: Thad
  • Publisher: Em

1. Part 1: Deep Dive (30 minutes) - Introducing CfA’s new CEO: Amanda Renteria :confetti_ball:

Warm-Up (TBD) (10 min)

  • [~30 Seconds] Your Name; Your Brigade; what community or ancestor do you bring with you into your NAC work?

  • Hearing from Amanda! (20 min)

Part 2: Staff Updates (10 minutes)

  1. Exciting EITC/ Get Your Refund developments — Tom (10 min)
  2. Code of conduct follow-ups – Veronica (5 min, offline follow-up if needed)

Part 3: NAC deliverables, project management, and standup walkthrough (remaining 45 mins)

  • Proposed MVP steering doc (5 mins)

    • This doesn’t mean we’re ditching the old steering doc, but that we can adopt this one for now and iterate with quarterly retro (July sometime)
    • If you feel that the steering doc needs more love, raise your hand to project manage it
  • Proposal: one NAC project manager, 1-2 “in the loop”-er per deliverable (15 mins)

    • If you feel strongly about a deliverable (defined in the steering doc, or one that has come up otherwise, or some mash-up) and have the bandwidth to project manage it for this quarter (until end of June), raise your hand to make it happen

    • Unclaimed deliverables are back-burnered for this quarter, revisited in July

    • You can ask to be “in the loop” about a deliverable instead, but not more than you have bandwidth for please :slight_smile:

      • Being a liaison to an existing committee that is managed by a staff member counts as an “in the loop” task
    • What does project management entail? Depends on project, but roughly…

      • Recruiting network members to work on it with you-- from people who ran for NAC, for example
      • Convening bi-weekly meetings
      • Keeping track of those tasks in a place that is available to all of us-- doesn’t have to be Trello, should not be “owned” by a personal account
      • Updating a meta-task in the NAC Trello/coordinating with NAC and CfA staff, updating us on what’s happening, helping us all avoid stepping on each other’s toes
  • Claim or name a deliverable you want to manage for this quarter, negotiate with each other about scope if necessary (15 mins-- take it offline if it’s in depth and involves not-everyone; update us by May 11 if you need time to think)

  • Standup for what’s already in flight (10 mins, could happen via Slack if we run out of time)


  1. Evolving the meeting format to roughly 30 mins standup/30 mins staff time/30 mins deep dive, depending on needs
  2. “Agile” standup

    * What are you working on, are there any blockers, what asks do you have for the group, what is your availability forecast for the next month?

  * Quarterly retrospectives for big-picture stuff-- what’s going well, what do we need to change, where should our attention shift

2. If you’re on one of the following things (or something that is not listed but is ongoing) please make sure someone covers it today

  1. Steering doc
  2. COVID-19 BAT
  3. NDoCH
  4. Community fun time
  5. Regional calls
  6. [What else?]


  1. Optional post-meeting debrief on Community Fun Time
  2. Post-meeting request: indicate thoughts on co-chair experiment