February 6, 2020


NAC: Laura Biediger, Dawn McDougall, Janet Michaelis, Ben Trevino, Sabrah n’haRaven, Nina Kin, Em Burnett, Melanie Mazanec
CFA: Meredith Horowski, Veronica Young, Christopher Whitaker, Hashim Mteuzi


  • Clarity on:
    • NAC elections adjustments based on feedback
  • Decisions on:
    • Whether to move forward with coaching / mediation support available to NAC and brigade leaders
    • Who/what/when shareout from NAC meetings
    • Leads for various Summit priorities this group decided upon
  • Deep dive discussion on:
    • Priority action areas
    • NAC onboarding goals, outcomes, agenda


  1. Warm up (10 min) - Advice for Sabrah
  2. Heads up & quick decisions (25 min)
    1. Elections update (5 min)
      • 12 Candidates
      • NAC Elections extended until Feb 13
      • Candidate forum at 8pm EST / 5pm PST on Feb. 12
      • 300+ votes thus far
      • All NAC Candidates have access to comp tickets and travel support
      • Additional: dietary restrictions, let CW know, as well as comp ticket stuff
    2. Coaching / mediation support (5 min)
      • Looking to bring a mediation org on retainer (previously provided training)
      • Would give us access to coaching sessions for specific conflict situations
      • They’d also further develop our Code of Conduct and policy & implementation protocol
      • If approved, next steps are to figure out how to communicate this resource to brigade leaders, and develop a triage or sign-up system for using it
      • Discussion:
        • Might be able to use the hours for a workshop
      • No objections from NAC to this plan
    3. Sharing out minutes / notes from NAC meetings (5 min)
      • NAC member will post.
      • Maybe revisit the NAC chair role/other roles and make sure this is included?
      • What do we need to not post? Personal / employee / sensitive information. Previously, mostly sensitive code of conduct info was redacted.
      • When? How soon do we need to post after NAC?
      • Where? Discourse (at the moment), but might look into other options.
      • NEXT STEPS:
        • Will quickly put up the last few meetings.
        • Will discuss a longer term strategy and post notes from older meetings.
    4. Summit (10 min)
      • Need Volunteers!
        • Staff Brigade Booth (9am- 5pm Th & F)
        • Work on Things that Matter Happy Hour (Wed 5:30-7:30)
        • “Small Bites with Code for DC / Code for NoVA” at La Tasca (TAPAS) (Wed 7:15)
        • Regional Breakout Rooms (F: 4-5:30)
        • Federal Room for feds
        • Very last thing at Summit
      • “Ideation Space” Th & F 2:30- 5pm
        • Need leads to run this space
        • We will have ownership over this space on Thur / Fri
        • Discussion
          • We know that the unconference was really popular BUT the space is too small to accommodate this
          • There were questions about how to run an unconference w/ 1k attendees
          • This space allows for a couple of options for people
          • Will the sessions be recorded? Not officially
          • Option to have the ideation space run 2:30 - 4pm on Friday, so it doesn’t conflict with regional breakouts.
  3. Deep Dives – for discussion (50 min)
    1. Priority Action Areas decisions (subcommittee) (30 min)
      • Prioritized Criteria
        • Collective Action
        • Resources for Long Term Maintenance
        • Intersection CfA program work
        • Partnerships: National and Local
      • Discussion:
        • NAC will make the final selection with the network team on what our priority action areas should be
        • Network did a survey, and a workshop to narrow down ideas
        • Goal is to pick 2-3 based on the rubric
        • Specific topics, pros/cons:
          • Voting rights restoration
          • Record Clearance
          • Reduced transit fare access project
          • ReEntry roadmap
          • Courtbot
          • Disaster Relief
    2. NAC Onboarding (20 min)
      • Goals
        • Successfully onboard new NAC members
        • Offboard NAC members share lessons
        • Create relationship building space
      • Discussion
        • Thad (Code for Boston) is organizing a Hill Day - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/congress-meets-coding-tickets-93304310705 which will be Wed at 1:30 - 2:30 in the Rayburn Building
          • Idea is to have Congressional staff meet with Brigade members
          • Question: how much time do we spend together for onboarding?
            • Decision: Full Day
        • Topics:
          • NAC Charter, Subcommittees, Priority Action Area, Case studies (pick 2)
          • Decision: NAC Charter, Subcommittees
        • Other things that the team wants to do:
          • Join first timers breakfast
          • Find additional time
      • Sidebar: Dietary restrictions, tickets
  4. Action items & close (5 min)