Kids/teens/minors attending brigade events


We received an inquiry about a 16 year old participating in #NDCH. The parent would not be present, but a representative from an organization that is participating in the event as a project sponsor would be the responsible adult with parental permission.

Does the national org have any release forms in place or has any other brigades handled this in the past?


I believe Boston has had a high school student at their event before. Assuming that your event is during the day and there’s no alcohol I don’t think there’s an issue with it. I would check with your event venue just in case as some have special rules.


If you are going to have any alcohol around at any point with a mixed age crowd I think the best practice is to wristband people that want to be allowed to have a drink in their hand at the door.

Aside from that @civicwhitaker’s experience above matches my own


This would strictly be daytime event with no adult beverages on site.

Currently it is just one teen, but would like to have a plan in place for future. @Terri has some experience in this as well, we just wanted to reach out in case it has been discussed elsewhere.