Inspirational Music Playlist


Inspired by the first thoughts post summit that @elb put on Medium, and the request for a recovery kit at Town Hall…

What ideas do we have for music that one can put on as a pick-me-up when feeling a bit overwhelmed by the scope of the CfA endeavor? What gets you FIRED UP to go fight for a better tomorrow?

Just post your suggestions as lists of…
[artist] - [album] - [track name || #] - [curse words?] - [opt. comment]


I’m always on the lookout for more great music! I have one set of music that’s for firing up and another set for slowing down, depending on whether I’m trying to pump out work or to focus on self-healing.

On a tangential note… our LA County Arts Commission and City of LA Dept of Cultural Affairs held their 2nd annual joint Datathon earlier this year. They had a track - Music as Collections - invited participants to develop a metadata framework for music discovery.

Feeling Fired Up!
Daft Punk/Specimen A - Soundcloud - Aerodynamic (Specimen A & James D’ley Re-fix) - no
Yoko Kanno/Seatbelts - Cowboy Bebop - Tank! || 1 - no

@nFlourish Did I do that right? :laughing:


My go-to is Hans Zimmer. Never seen this movie, but love this song:


Stuff that I’ve been listening to lately, or that comes to mind:

[Gogol Bordello] - [Pura Vida Conspiracy] - [We Rise Again] - [No] - [“With a fist full of heart, and relics of future!”]
[Gogol Bordello] - [Pura Vida Conspiracy] - [Dig Deep Enough] - [No] - [“We who seek long enough, Dig deep enough, Find diamonds in the rough, One day…”]
[Gogol Bordello] - [Pura Vida Conspiracy] - [It Is The Way You Name Your Ship] - [No] - [“It is the way you name your ship, that’s the way its going to row!”]
[Gogol Bordello] - [Super Taranta!] - [Forces of Victory] - [No] - [“If you’ll remember those before, And the ones that yet to come, Above suffer of it all, Triumphs the union of souls!”]
[Gogol Bordello] - [Trans-Continental Hustle] - [Raise The Knowledge] - [No] - [“Revolution is internal…
Help yourself at any time!”]
[Gogol Bordello] - [Trans-Continental Hustle] - [Last One Goes The Hope] - [No] - [“Unvisible barbed wire all along, Around the neck of my song, Hey Romale, I’m beat up, but going strong!”]
[Gogol Bordello] - [Trans-Continental Hustle] - [To Rise Above] - [No] - [“To frontiers, my kind is following the spark, To build lighthouse for those who scared of dark…”]
[Gogol Bordello] - [Live From Axis Mundi] - [You Gave Up] - [No] - [“You Gave Up And Said Well That’s Life, But No No No No No, My Friend, Is Death!”]
[Gogol Bordello] - [Gypsy Punks: Underdog World Strike] - [Undestructable] - [No] - [“The savage love is undestructable!”]
[Jamiroquai] - [Emergency on Planet Earth] - [When You Gonna Learn] - [No] - [not enough room to quote the whole song here…]
[Jamiroquai] - [Emergency on Planet Earth] - [Emergency on Planet Earth] - [No] - [not enough room to quote the whole song here…]
[Jamiroquai] - [Emergency on Planet Earth] - [Revolution 1993] - [No] - [1993 could be any date in the modern era]
[Jamiroquai] - [Dynamite] - [(Don’t) Give Hate a Chance] - [No] - []
[Bjork] - [Post] - [Army of Me] - [No] - [“If you complain once more, you’ll meet an army of me…”]


Also @ninakin +1 for the Cowboy Bebop Tank track idea… nice…