Fundraising Tactics / Form Letter Boilerplate

Hey all,
Code for PDX, Portland’s new CfA Brigade. We are up and running but I would really like to get our fundraising processes established and ironed out.

I was wondering if anyone out there had a good boilerplate letter for approaching companies for sponsorship.

If not, would the community benefit from one?

Also, what approaches have been successful for you?


Hey Hugh, I’m also from a new brigade that we launched in Buffalo this summer. This brigade workshop video on fundraising was pretty helpful but I definitely would love to see a boilerplate document put together! So far we’re using a template from a local non-profit that one of our core team members runs

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That video’s great, there’s actually a second Fundraising workshop video that’s slightly more recent. It covers fundraising for events moreso than general operating sponsorship, but still the same principles apply:

Here you go:

By the way, we’re working on creating a fundraising strategy right now at OpenOakland, including a pitch deck for local funding organizations. When we get it to a place where we’re happy with it, I’ll make sure to post it here!

Here’s another fundraising workshop:

And this one on the relationship building end that I found really helpful:

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The Development Team at Code for America created these letter templates to help with fundraising for food and events! Hope this may be helpful @HughPDX @mpbrown716

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