Playlist of Hype Music Playlists

Ever need some Heads Down, Tunes Loud vibes? Me too. I spelunked Slack to make a Playlist of Playlists, the Playplaylistlist to keep here on Discourse for when we all need some chtunes to hype us up. There’s plenty to be found in the #music Slack channel, plus this post from 2018 with great suggestions. Here’s some more Network-specific Spotify playlists:

Code for Boston’s Demo Night hype music, courtesy of @mzagaja via this thread on Slack.

Here’s the one I listened to when working with the drafting team on the Revisioning Recommendation, with other ReVis committee members adding to it.

Do you have a playlist of hype music? What gets you In The Zone as a civic tech activist? Share in the comments!

I don’t have a set playlist of hype music, but I do have a Spotify account and I’m always looking for new music to listen to. I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to music, as long as it’s not super-depressing or in any way offensive (I’m not going to post about an artist if they’re known for making homophobic or racist comments).

I’ve found that “euphoric” dance music is the best for me when I’m coding, since it doesn’t distract me too much from what I’m doing, but still keeps me feeling productive. One of my favorite artists is Krewella; they have several quick tracks that are great for coding sessions.


There is also this Discourse post: Inspirational Music Playlist