How can our brigade get Slack Pro plan?

Need your help with Slack for our Brigade. We were using the free Slack trial for the Pro plan and it will expire in a few days. How can we retain the pro plan access going further? If we don’t, we are at risk of losing all the history and media in our slack channel.

I tried to go to the link Slack but it is asking to prove the Non-profit status of our brigade.

"The Slack for Nonprofits program offers eligible organizations* a free upgrade to our Pro plan for teams of up to 250 members.

To qualify, your organization must be registered as a charitable organization with the IRS".

Please advise,


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@bentrevino , @Mari, and @jessmanapul .

Hi @haryshenoy, I responded to your email but I’ll also share here in case other Brigades have the same question:

For Slack, we can create channels for your Brigade on the CfA workspace but we do not cover individual Slack plans. However, if you want to try applying for Slack’s nonprofit discount, you can use your Brigade’s relationship letter to verify our nonprofit status (for others reading: the doc should’ve been emailed to you along with your MOU, but you can email if you need it sent again).

Another option is to switch to Discord, which is completely free!

Thanks for the tag @MCNorris.

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