Founding years for all brigades?

I’m pondering arranging all my brigade hex stickers on a wall somewhere ordered by founding year, it could be a cool-looking crescendo.

There’s no founding year/date in the big organizations.json, is there a reasonably-complete spreadsheet anywhere cataloguing the founding years for all/most brigades? I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before in Google Sheet form…

We have something approximating this in CfA’s internal system. It’s based off the first Meetup date for most Brigades so is probably imperfect, but should get you within a year or so accurately.

You can help me keep that up-to-date by leaving comments if you know a date to be inaccurate. I try to update it whenever I hear about a Brigade celebrating its birthday… but also full-well know that most Brigades don’t actually know when their birthday officially was (or even what it means for their Brigade to have been born).


Code for San Francisco is listed as 1/1/14 but I’m pretty sure if was more like Fall of 2013.

Yep, all the dates are approximate. Feel free to leave a comment in that spreadsheet with a better date and I’ll update it in our system.

tom - thanks for the update as of 8/29/19 - nice to see the 2019 “newborns” John

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