Courtbot History and Evolution


These are the repos created (in chronological order) for Courtbot:

1. Atlanta (Github: codeforamerica/courtbot)

This was the Original CfA fellowship project that kicked off the Courtbot redeployments.


  • Appointment Reminders: anyone can subscribe to a case and receive a reminder 24hrs beforehand
  • A Payable Prompt: when a fine can be paid immediately, the phone number and link to begin payment are displayed.
  • Queued Cases: If a case isn’t in the system, the app keeps looking for 16 days and informs users when it becomes available.
  • Language: Node & JS

2. Alaska (GIthub: codeforanchorage/courtbot)

This deployment was very similar to the Atlanta codebase. Some rough notes on their implementation are available from Code for BTV.

New Features:

Dropped Features

  • The Payable Prompt from Atlanta

3. Tulsa (Github: codefortulsa/courtbot)

The Tulsa code is a major departure from Atlanta codebase. It re-implemented the Alaska repo as a modular tool with multiple, separate components for areas of distinct responsibility.

View the Oklahoma Courtbot home page:

Redeploy Resources:

New Features

  • Modular Architecture: Optimized for modularity so new components can be plugged in

4. Muskogee County, OK (Github: codeformuskogee/Courtbot_MSK)

Part of along with Rogers County, OK

5. Boise, ID (Github: boisebrigade/courtbot)

Boise has not yet (as of June 2018) launched its implementation, but it has a strong relationship with the necessary stakeholders and expects to deploy by ~2019.

New Features

  • Full rewrite of codebase in Elixr

This post is a wiki, if you know of any additional details, please feel free to edit!

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