Courtbot Redeployment Guide


Redeployment Guide

Stakeholders & Humans

“People are excited about the tool but uptake of actual use is slow.”

  • Brendan Babb, Code for Anchorage

To date, none of the Courtbot deployments have been launched without first having the right people involved. This project is inherently immersed in political and professional interests and without good relationships outside your brigade, it is unlikely you will be able to deploy Courtbot effectively.

Product Owner: Since this tool is built on behalf of the public, and represents the governing judiciary (at least in the eyes of the public), many brigades end up partnering directly with their local or state judiciary. This person has input into the product, makes the ultimate launch decision, and is a vital proponent of Courtbot.

Product Champion: This is someone who has recognition within the justice system. They are a good source to help the brigade understand the legal system, existing communications, and relevant local conditions. They are typically a more creditable courtbot rep than the brigade is during initial conversations with other stakeholders.

Brigade Courtbot Team: The team that works on this project would do well to get a solid understanding of the background of this project, and the legal system that this project interfaces with.

Due Dilligence

Here are some of the steps other brigades found important when considering a redeployment:

  • Existing Systems
    What systems already exist, and do they provide this feature? Many court management systems include some system for notifications. If they are not currently in use, it is a good idea to understand why not.

  • Appetite for Courtbot
    It is very likely that there are already people within the judicial system clamoring for an appointment reminder system. If it is not a priority for an official judiciary, it is likely that groups like pro-bono offices, police departments, or municipal governance is interested.

  • Documenting Effect Elsewhere
    Before talking beyond the brigade, you can improve your case by familiarizing yourself with Courtbot’s success elsewhere. Learn which cities have implemented it, and get some quotes, links and data about how well it has worked - particularly in areas similar to your own. (Hopefully we can document such info here in discourse over time.)

  • Other
    What else should happen when prepping this project?

Codebase Recommendations

It is unlikely that a single solution will fit all potential brigades. More likely, there will be a handful of options that best serve the priority requirements for a brigade. This requires discussion across brigades.

TBD (For example, 1. Fastest Deployment, 2. Most Broadly Adopted, 3. etc)

This post is a wiki, if you know of any additional details, please feel free to edit!

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