Using Meetup analytics to visualize attendance and membership at Brigade events



While undertaking some recent fundraising efforts, we wanted to show the growth of our membership base quickly and easily as a way to demonstrate our progress as an organization.

One way to do this that will take about five (5) minutes is to use Meetup’s statistics and create a quick, responsive, interactive chart with Datawrapper.

Here’s a .png of the chart we put together for our report. The interactive version is responsive and easily can be added to any project

See the interactive, full-res version

You can also fork and reuse the above chart from River.


The main limitation here is that Meetup isn’t fully reflective of the numerous channels members use to find out about and attend brigade events. Moreover, because we can’t get the email addresses of Meetup members, it’s not easy to merge their information into a single CRM.


  1. Login to and select your Brigade’s Meetup group.
  2. Go to


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