Tweaking Discourse's minimum topic length

The 20 char. minimum is a bit annoying lol

Done. I agree about the 20 characters.

It bothered me at first too, but then when I took some time to try and make my topic longer I found it wasn’t very difficult and realized it should pay dividends for searchability as I ended up writing a keyword-laden sentence: Discourse - Modern forum software for your community


I think it’s helpful to think about writing topics like you’d think about titling a listing on eBay or craigslist: it’s precious real-estate for catching relevant searches. Moderators should jump in and edit topic titles to help improve them wherever they can.

One-word topics aren’t going to do as well catching searches by people who don’t already know what they’re looking for, and probably aren’t going to be descriptive enough to help people skimming through results for something relevant to their question

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Yeah - to expand on my brief response above: I agree that the 20-char minimum is annoying for silly topics, but I’m a fan of keeping it in general for the reasons Chris mentioned above.

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