Transcription service recommendations (for pre-recorded audio/video)


Do you have any recommendations for (I presume automated/AI-based) transcription services where I can upload video and audio and get a transcript back? I am willing to sacrifice some accuracy for the sake of cost.

At the moment, my use cases are primarily:
one-off projects/uses
and don’t need a service that bills monthly or anything enterprise-like level.
English (American dialect)

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

@skora I have used a service called “Trint” before–you can set up a free trial (both timebound and with a cap on how many hours of audio you can transcribe, but it was enough to transcribe a couple long interviews). The accuracy is just OK–about as good as the Google Voice visual voicemail. But, after the trial, it’s a monthly subscription service (though not a particularly expensive one). It also has a pretty good editing/fixing UI–it highlights the words it wrote as the audio plays, and makes it very easy to go back through and fix the things that the AI gets wrong.

I’ve not used it myself, but have had multiple people recommend Rev, which charges $1.25/minute. It’s much more accurate, because they use human transcribers. AFAIK it bills a-la-carte, not as a monthly subscription.

If you find a better solution, let us know! Always good to have a decent transcription tool.

we ended up using