Inclusiveness of marketing and help videos

I’m not an expert on those that are differently abled. However it seems that every marketing or howto video we produce should have subtitles for the deaf. What else could the videos do to be more inclusive?

That’s a great question! I’m a fan of subtitles for abled people too. Sometimes I’m not in a situation where I can listen to the sound, and sometimes I have trouble understanding because the speaker mumbles (something I’m totally guilt of doing). Let’s make sure the subtitles have suitable contrast with the background too.

Totally true that abled folk benefit too.

Bigger question is how. The closest thing I’ve done is use a program to apply pre-created sub files to downloaded anime.

Yeah I said that.

Anyway is there a service that subs videos for use by the deaf. The deaf are still my main concern.

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YESSSS, anime subtitling was my first exposure to that technology although I didn’t get very far. From what I recall, the software was free! I’m pretty sure Youtube and Vimeo allow you to apply sub files. I’m really interested in captioning options for live streaming. What are you thinking of in terms of a “service”?

Looks like YouTube has a few options for adding subtitles that can be toggled on, including a built-in web UI:

Just… how do we get a sub file written? Is there an automated thing that generates a first shot we can clean up? From my understanding the subbing of one episode of, say, FLCL, could take some real effort. The mainstage talks for each day were like 8 or 9 episodes long.

Are there deaf hacktivists who are like:

Ohhhh, so like transcribing the audio… yeah, that might need to be a manual effort :sweat_smile: . Last time I did research on this (4 years ago) I don’t think I found free options. I don’t know what exists today.

I’ve seen YouTube providing auto-generated subtitles, maybe there’s a way to start from those when using their captioning UI

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Auto-generated subtitles might work for mainstage videos. I’m not sure about marketing videos where we have multiple layers of audio (music + talking + etc) at once going but those are shorter with less talking anyway!

Yeah - those might need a personal touch.