Stripe & OpenCollective Discussion


Continuation of slack discussion:

Stripe is coming up with an API that lets orgs create credit cards on the fly. Talking about better, seamless ways to raise funds for brigades, simplify reimbursement process.


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Here’s my original message from Slack:

Imagine that CfA were signed up as an opencollective host, with each brigade under it like Women Who Code does with their chapters:

Imagine if OpenCollective integrated with Stripe to let chapter/brigade organizers obtain cards to spend directly from their balance. We could automate the whole PITA process of collecting needing documentation for each expense while letting brigades avoid saddling volunteers with carrying their debts getting things reimbursed. Imagine if CfA’s financial controllers could just set policies like “Code for Philly can spend up to $300 during each scheduled hack night, if there are no transactions older than a week still pending receipt upload and signoff”

Here’s the feature requested for OpenCollective: